City of Crooks, SD

Apply For A Golf Cart Permit

Fill out and submit the application, including proof of insurance and drivers license. Pay the $10 per calendar year fee.  Permits obtained in 2023 will be $20 as they will be in effect for the remainder of 2023 and all of 2024. Obtain a permit sticker from the city office and place it on the golf cart.  

Golf Cart Ordinance
Golf Cart Fee Resolution
Golf Cart Application

Quick information on golf cart regulations

1. The golf cart must be insured for liability.

2. The person operating the golf cart must hold a valid driver’s license.
Instructed or restricted minor's permits will not be allowed or accepted.

3. The golf cart may only be operated on City roadways where the speed limit is
25 miles per hour or less. The golf cart must not be operated on sidewalks or
recreational trails.

4. The permit is valid until December 31 of each year.

5. The permit must be kept in or affixed to the golf cart.

6. The permit shall not be transferred to any other golf cart.

7. The golf cart shall display a slow-moving vehicle emblem and have lights and a
review mirror.

8. The operator shall comply with all city, county and state traffic rules and
regulations applying to motor vehicles generally, except that a golf cart shall
not be required to have a bell, horn or directional turn signals.

9. The golf cart shall only be driven on City streets during daylight hours unless
the golf cart has at least one operating tail light and head light.

10. While the golf cart is in motion, the operator and occupants shall be seated at
all times and shall ride only upon the permanent and regular seat in the golf

11. It shall be unlawful for more people to be in or on the golf cart than the vehicle
seating capacity.

Review the Ordinance above for full list of regulations.