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Work to pave the gravel section of East 4th Street plans to proceed in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 22 if weather conditions allow. On-street parking will be allowed for impacted residents on the south side of the paved portion of 4th St. The City of Crooks is an equal opportunity provider.
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Fence Requirements

Fences are regulated by the Crooks Zoning Regulations' Section 12.09. The text of Section 12.09 has been inserted below for your review. Please make sure that prior to placement of any fence, you obtain a building permit and pay the $20 fee.

Section 12.09 Fences

Fences may be erected in required yards, provided they meet or exceed the following requirements:

A.    No barbed wire fence shall be erected or maintained.

B.    No fence shall be erected or maintained in such manner as to unreasonably obstruct the view of others or their access to light or air.

C.    For R-1, R-2, R-3, or CB District - Fences not more than six (6) feet in height may be erected on any part of a lot other than in the required front yard. Fences not more than four (4) feet in height may be located on any part of the lot.

D.    On double frontage and corner lots used residentially, fences not more than six (6) feet in height may be placed in a required front yard abutting an arterial or collector street where:
1.    The required front yard abutting an arterial or collector street is not used as the front yard.
2.    The fence is set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from the property line abutting the arterial or collector street.
3.    Intersection safety zones are maintained.

E.    For GB, LI, or HI District - Fences not more than eight (8) feet in height may be erected on any part of a lot other than in the required front yard except any yard adjacent to a residential use.

F.    No fence shall be erected which violates 12.02 - Visibility at Intersections.

G.    To preserve the neighborhood character of the Residential districts, fences along the perimeter of a front yard shall be of a traditional design and shall not be more than 30 percent solid.

H.    The maximum fence height for golf courses, public swimming pools, school track and field areas, parks and ball parks shall be eight (8) feet and for public tennis courts twelve (12) feet on any portion of the lot. Fences associated with these uses shall not be more than 30 percent solid.

I.    Fences that are adjacent to alleys shall be set back five (5) feet from the street/boulevard right-of-way.

J.    The side of the fence considered being the face (facing as applied to fence post) should face abutting property.

K.    In the event a fence is to be constructed on the property line, abutting property owners shall be notified prior to the issuance of a permit.

L.    The installation of a fence shall be in a manner as to which access to the City for the purposes of reading or maintaining utility meters is provided.

M.    The installation of fences in drainage easements shall be prohibited. Fences placed in utility easements, and other designed easements will require prior approval from the City of Crooks. City of Crooks may enter easement for construction, reconstruction, replacement, repair, and maintenance purposes; and will be held harmless for the cost of replacement or damage to any improvement or vegetation with the easement and may make any other appropriate or necessary requirements.

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