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Permit Fees

The City of Crooks requires building permits within City limits with a few exceptions.

The fees for building permits can be conveniently accessed through the PDF document provided at the bottom of the page, or can be accessed at the Crooks municipal office during regular business hours. If you should have any questions or concerns, please make sure to contact the municipal office.

Current Building Permit Fees

Note, the information below is under construction as of 3/20/2023 and for informational purposes only.  The zoning ordinances of the City of Crooks should be consulted for full rules and regulations.

Detached garage and shed general information:
Accessory buildings, such as sheds and garages require permits prior to construction or placement on a lot.  Construction methods for an accessory building/shed 200 square feet or less are very minimal.  With your permit request, you will be asked to provide a site plan that shows where the shed is to be placed on the lot.  Sheds are required to be anchored down.  

How large can a detached garage or shed be?
Detached garage or sheds cannot be larger than your house.  If the building will be larger than 200 square feet in area then the construction requirements of the residential building code apply.  For more information on building a garage or shed larger than 200 square feet, contact the city office.

Do pre-built storage sheds need permits?
Yes, any building being added to a property needs a permit issued.  The materials of the pre-built building (metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, etc) have no bearing on the permit requirement.

Do I need to know where the detached garage or shed will be located before a permit can be issued?
Yes, based on the preferences of the homeowner and the ordinance requirements of the city.

What information will I need to obtain a permit?
The dimensions of the requested building (width, length and height) is needed to obtain a permit.  A site plan showing the location of the new building, property lines and easements, etc.  If you have a survey, it works very well as your site plan.

How much does a permit cost?
The costs for the permit could vary depending on the size of the building requested.

How close to the property line can a shed or detached garage be?
(This information needs to be double-checked against City of Crooks ordinances). The distance from a property line is commonly called a setback.  If it is in the rear yard and more than 10 feet away from the main building, it can get as close as 2 feet to the property line.  For specifics on your property, please contact the city office.  

Do I need a fence permit?
Fence permits are required to construct, relocate, or replace fences in Crooks.

Why are fence permits required?

Fence permits are required to assure compliance regarding the height and location of fences, as well as to ensure clean line of sight for the traveling public.

What type of fence can I build?
The City of Crooks allows for all but electric and barbed wire fences.  However, some covenants regulate what type or kind of fence you can install.  To learn more about covenants on your property, contact your local county register of deeds.  Please note the city does not enforce covenants.

Are there any exceptions to the fence permit requirement?
Yes, fence permits are intended to apply to fences designed for screening, security, and privacy purposes.  Smaller temporary fences around interior gardens, flowers, or shrubs intended primarily for decorative purposes and snow fences are exempt from the permit requirement.

Can I build a fence in an easement or drainage area?
You must have permission to erect a fence in easement or drainage areas.  Contact your local utility companies or the city office to determine types and locations of easements and drainage ways.

How far does the fence have to be from the property line?
There are no minimum distances that need to be maintained from the property line.  If any easements are present, a fence may not be allowed to be constructed on that easement.  All permits are issued with the understanding that property owners know where their property lines are located, and that a fence permit is approval to build a fence on your own property.  Neighboring property owners will be contacted prior to the issuance of a permit for a fence to be installed on the property line.

What do I do if my neighbor's fence is on my property?
If there is a disagreement about the physical location of a fence on a lot, it is a civil matter between private property owners.  The City can only provide what plan was approved.  Any marking or labeling of property lines should be done by a licensed surveyor.  

Are fences allowed in a front yard?
Yes, subject to height requirements.  On corner and interior lots, fences can be up to four (4) feet in height in the front yard.  The height and opaqueness is reduced when the fence is located in an intersection safety zone.

What size fence can I have in my backyard?
On interior lots, fences of not more than six (6) feet in height are allowed on any portion of the rear or side yard.  On corner and double frontage lots, a required front yard setback is along each street frontage.  Fences not more than four (4) feet in height are allowed in a required front yard setback, exceptions are allowed for properties along arterial or collector streets.

What exceptions are allowed for properties along arterial or collector streets?
On residential lots that abut an arterial or collector street, the height allowed can be determined by the distance the fence is from the property line and/or the materials used for the fencing.  Options allow for a five (5) foot fence at five (5) feet from the property line to a six (6) foot fence at the property line.  For more information, read the "residential fence regulations section of the Zoning ordinances or contact the city office.

Do I need an inspection?
Yes, when you have completed the installation of your fence, contact the city office for a final inspection.