City of Crooks, SD

CAWT 'Crooks Area Working Together'

Who are we?

Crooks Area Working Together, (C.A.W.T.), is a nonprofit, charitable community club that organizes, manages, and supports many activities and events throughout the year.  Some of the events we put on or sponsor include: Crooks Community Days, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Scavenger Hunt, Santa Day, Youth Sports Teams, Scholarships/Academic Awards, Tri Valley School Parties, Tri-Valley Angel Fund.  There is a variety of events to cover all the different age groups of the kids in the community!

We are always looking for more members within our small community to help out when possible.  This could include donating the $25 membership fee per household once a year, bringing baked goods to different events, or volunteering your time at the events!  Without community support these events are not possible so pleases look into joining us! 

When do we meet?

We meet every first (1st) Sunday of the month. During the summer and fall we meet at 7:00 PM, and during the breezy winter and brisk spring we meet at 6:00 PM at the Crooks Community Center (701 S West Ave, Crooks SD 57020). Everyone is welcome to attend and join us! Let's make Crooks a great place to come home to!

 If you would like more information about C.A.W.T., LIKE us on Facebook or email us at